Carnivorous Plants

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Carnivores in your garden

Drosera Capensis Sundew

Carnivorous plants are special; although they grow like normal plants, they survive by eating insects. That's because, in their natural environment, water is so poor of nutrients that they need to supply their needs with external sources, such as insects or other small animals.

There are several hundreds of different carnivorous plants out there, but I at the end, I only stuck with Drosera Capensis, a type of sundew, because it is a super easy plant to grow and reproduce.

Just follow the rules below to grow this fantastic plant:

  1. Put it in a pot with peat moss and, optionally, perlite.
  2. Put the pot inside a water saucer.
  3. Full the water saucer with distilled or demineralized water, and keep it that way 24/7.
  4. Keep your plant outside regardless of season, possibly in a spot lit well by the sun.
  5. Watch your plant catching insects and growing like mad!