Why I don't recommend the PlantedTank.net

How I got banned for no reason

About my recent ban on PlantedTank.net

June 12, 2021

fablau full aquarium tank

On May 9, 2021, I got temporarily banned for four weeks on the PlantedTank.com forums for no real reason. I never had a real explanation for the ban, if not this reply to my previous inquiry about the removal of one of my postings. That reply is full of untruthful, insulting, and sarcastic claims.

I never had the chance to reply and make my own claims on that same thread. I couldn't even discuss the problem because I was banned right away, and therefore I could neither browse nor access the forums. I had never been warned of anything as they asserted; otherwise, I wouldn't have asked for an explanation about my last posting's removal in the first place. The reality is that I was banned right away for no real reason at the whim of the moderator.

I spent hours trying to figure out how to get in touch with the managers and administrators of those forums, spending my precious time talking over the phone with the Vertical Scope administration (which manages the website) trying to solve the problem, but I had no luck. My requests for more information about the ban, in the end, were completely ignored.

This is not how to do business and treat people. Additionally, I was paying them a fee for posting items for sale over there. Their behavior has been unacceptable, unprofessional, and, I'd say, ridiculous, at least. In years past, I heard about stories of other people getting banned for no reason on those forums, but I always had the benefit of the doubt about the claims on both sides (that is, of course, until the same issue happened to me).

After over 30 years of personal contributions to the world of planted tanks, I have never been so humiliated and mistreated. I will never use those forums again since they appear to be managed by a bunch of reckless dictators and lunatics.

I personally no longer recommend the PlantedTank.net forums to anyone interested in sharing information about planted tanks. Instead, I suggest anyone to learn and post questions on the BarrReport.com, a much more professional website.

I can assure you, over there, people get treated differently!